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A religious site in Ayodhya had the Babri mosque destroyed in 1992

A religious site in Ayodhya had the Babri mosque destroyed in 1992 and ever since then, things went worse between Hindus and Muslims for years. Let's look at the troubled history of the disputed holy site from nearly 500 years.

In 1528, Mughal emperor BABUR built Babri masjid on the site to which Hindus believe it to the spot of the most revered deities in Hinduism, Lord Ram, was born. But the first religious violence was witnessed in 1853 at the site. And, in 1859, British colonial administration built a fence in order to separate the places of worship, allowing the inner court to be used by Muslims and the outer court by Hindus.

In 1949, Hindus established Lord Ram idols inside mosque and Muslims protest leading to file civil suits by both parties. Later, the government proclaims the premises as a disputed area and LOCKS the gates. Much later in 1984, Hindus form a committee and build a temple in his honour, lead by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad party (VHP). Again in 1986, that is nearly after 37 years, District judge orders the gates of the disputed mosque to be OPENED and allow Hindus to worship there. With the decision, Muslims set up Babri Mosque Action Committee in protest.

In 1989, VHP steps up a campaign, laying the foundations of a Ram temple on land adjacent to the disputed mosque. The very next year in 1990, VHP volunteers damaged the mosque partially and the then Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar tried to pacify the dispute through negotiations, which failed.

On 6th of December, 1992 at 10.30 a.m, enormous havoc has been created within two huge communities in India with at least the death of 2,000 people in the Babri Masjid, a holy place shattering to the ground. This demolition is seen as the Ayodhya Dispute in the historical context, naming it - a BLACK DAY. On the anniversary of the demolition of the mosque, VHP pledged to again build Hindu temple at the site in 2001, leading to tensions.  

In 2002, BJP rules out committing itself to the construction of a temple in its election manifesto for Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. VHP confirms the deadline of 15 March to begin construction. At least 58 people are killed in an attack on a train in Godhra which is carrying Hindu activists returning from Ayodhya. And the next month, 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, die in riots in Gujarat.

In April 2002, three High Court judges began hearings on determining who owns the religious site and next year, in 2003, archaeologists commenced a court-ordered survey to find out whether a temple to Lord Ram existed on the site. As per the survey, there is evidence of a temple beneath the mosque, but Muslims dispute the findings.

In 2005, suspected Islamic militants attack the disputed site, using a jeep laden with explosives to blow a hole in the wall of the complex. Security forces kill five people. In 2010, Allahabad HC stated that the site should be divided, with the Muslim community getting control of a third, Hindus another third and the Nirmohi Akhara sect the remainder. Hindus are given the control of the main disputed section, where the mosque was torn down. But, Supreme Court suspends High Court ruling after Hindu and Muslim groups appeal against the 2010 verdict.

Talk: No Takers For Saaho BGM

These are the days where filmmakers are promoting huge about the screening of a film on TV, even though the film was released a year ago. But then, the makers of Saaho are surely surprising everyone as they don't talk about the film anymore.

Of course, the fact is that Saaho result has upset both Prabhas and his good friends who produced the movie. But then, often production houses make a brand around a film such that their next production ventures get better marketing chances. On that note, fans and other cinema lovers would love to see updates coming from Saaho team about the movie on their official social media pages.

Recently music composer Ghibran, who scored the background score of Saaho, has started sharing various music themes from the movie on his official YouTube channel. Surprisingly neither UV Creations nor Saaho official Twitter handle is seen posting anything about this music, which is actually the major asset for the otherwise hapless flick.

One wonders if the makers are not promoting the BGM intentionally or they don't know about Ghibran releasing it on Youtube.

Pic Talk: Balakrishna Young Avatar In Ruler

Showing his dedication levels, Nandamuri Balakrishna has been sweating out in gym every day to lose oodles of weight to look fit and young in his ongoing film Ruler and also for his next under the direction of Boyapati Srinu.

Draped in floral blue shirt and blue jeans, Balakrishna looks much younger and ultra-stylish in the new poster. Soon, the makers will release an intriguing teaser to begin aggressive promotions.

Balakrishna plays a role with two different shades in Ruler. Currently, the makers are canning a song on Balakrishna and Vedhika in Munnar. Sonal Chauhan is the other heroine in Ruler helmed by KS Ravikumar and produced by C Kalyan.

The makers have once again clarified to release Ruler on December 20th.

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Samajavaragamana On The Way From Costliest Locations

One of the super hit songs of the present times is none other than Samajavaragamana composed by Thaman for Allu Arjun's Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo. Guess what, as the song became a super hit, the star hero is leaving no stone unturned to make it a worthy visual inside the theatres too.

Usually, Telugu filmmakers go to countries like Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic that have picturesque locations with historical background, and they are itself costly ones for us. But countries like France are much more expensive in case if you want to shoot in the Normandy area especially. But Allu Arjun picked this location for the song shoot.

Currently shooting Samajavaragamana song at the iconic Mont Saint Michael island area, Allu Arjun shared a picture from the spot where the island is visible in the background. And his looks are quite dapper we must say as he is dressed in all white.

Earlier Allu Arjun dared to travel to Bolivia where the military ruling makes it impossible for travelers to move freely, in order to shoot for a melody song of Sarrainodu at the popular salt fields area. Like how the visuals of that song are highly impressive and catchy, we could expect similar for Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo songs also.

Allu Arjun Bringing Out A Pan-Indian Project

Even before Prabhas scaled to become a pan-Indian star, Chiranjeevi got his Sye Raa released across India, Allu Arjun made his mark by becoming a sought after hero in Kerala and earning a strong fanbase across Mallu lands. But then, he has failed to cash on that craze due to reasons better known to him.

Right now, almost every Telugu hero is looking forward to expanding his presence throughout the country and Allu Arjun is not an exception. Rather picking another film for his pan-Indian debut, we hear that Bunny has chosen Sukumar's project as the coveted one that could take him to new heights.

As the red-sander-smuggling in Nallamala forests has a universal appeal because that is rampant across the globe and across India in the forest areas, he is now looking forward to releasing the film in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali if possible. Taking Sukku's dialogue version, we hear that they are getting the dialogues of other languages written. Such that they will be shooting a few close shots with multiple takes, catering each take to each language.

Surely this is going to be a pan-Indian project then, so let us see what magic Allu Arjun and Sukumar will do now. Earlier the duo have rocked with Arya and Arya 2.

A religious site in Ayodhya had the Babri mosque destroyed in 1992

A religious site in Ayodhya had the Babri mosque destroyed in 1992 and ever since then, things went worse between Hindus and Muslims for ...